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Czech version

About the Company

AUTEL montáže is a production-assembly company seated in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1994 and it focuses its business activities on the following segments of industry: metallurgical industry, power plants, utility and energy distribution companies, ecological facilities, chemical and processing industry.

AUTEL montáže company also produces switchboards, carries out installations of measurement and regulation systems, automated systems, control systems for technological processes, regulated drives and technological heavy current installations including high voltage. We provide above standard guarantees, guarantee and post-guarantee service for all our products and services. Our main objective is to be flexible in serving the needs and meeting specific requirements of our customers.

Since 2004 Autel-montáže company is holder of certification of QMS (according to ISO 9001:2000) issued by TÜV Management Service, GmbH. Additionally, Autel-montáže is qualified by Báňský úřad (Mining Board of the Czech republic) for performing revisions of determinated electrical facilities and heavy current circuit breaker changeover.

The main goal of AUTEL montáže is to provide complex services at the highest quality. The most decisive aspect of all our business activities is the quality of our products and services and full satisfaction of our customeres.
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